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About This Website

Trans Tiger was created by Blinx C. (a genderqueer teenager, ey/em/eirs) as a resource for my fellow genderqueer, non-binary, and xenogender individuals to learn about our history and identity and educate others. I am not generating any money by keeping this website up, and thus there are no ads and never will be. I keep local copies of any html file I link as a source on here; if a source just links back to here, the original website has been taken down and I am hosting it in the interest of archiving.

The hierarchy of archiving my sources is as follows:
1. Linking back to the original website, applicable if the original host is still up and running and I am confident the source is accurate and indeed the original text.
2. Linking back to an Internet Archive or archive.is link, applicable if the original host has been taken down or inactive but has been archived. My trust in the accuracy of archived websites is strong; please let me know if any information is inaccurate or outdated.
3. Linking to my archive of the website, applicable if the original host AND its archive is inactive or taken down. This is usually a last resort and is seldom necessary.

Contact me here if any link is broken or inaccurate: scrapdovez@gmail.com

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Website written, created, and compiled by Blinx C. Created in September 2020.